Solinfra is a company specialized in advising, designing, and implementing technological solutions such as network infrastructure and software solutions for corporate clients and public institutions. Our goal is to deliver a tangible differential in terms of service, pricing conditions, or value-added solutions, thereby contributing to the success of our clients.


We are a company specializing in technology infrastructure and software solutions, assisting our clients in their business technological development by leveraging the achievement of their objectives. We have a highly adaptable team that is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with cutting-edge solutions.


Our aim is to meet the needs of technology infrastructure and software solutions for companies in the region by generating value and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that address the specific requirements of our clients and contribute to their success.

Our Core Values


Commitment: By sharing knowledge, experiences, and effort, we are dedicated to offering the best service. This commitment entails working with leadership under a structured approach, in an environment that promotes growth and values and respects all opinions and ideas.


We assist our clients in thinking and making decisions when they face technological challenges because we believe in businesses. Our main motivation is to understand and fulfill their needs by providing quick and effective responses to their requests.


With an unwavering inner drive that comes from the heart and soul, we aspire to go beyond the conventional for the sake of something more meaningful than money or passion individual goals. We dream of an organization driven by passion for our clients, willing to surpass what is considered reasonable for the benefit of others.


With transparency, honesty, and integrity in our day-to-day relationships, starting with ourselves and rejecting unfair business practices aimed at gaining individual advantages, we strive to set an example for others. We do what we know is right.


We are professionals who have faced similar challenges and we put our experience at the service of companies to find the most appropriate solution. We consider simplicity fundamental in our relationships, working with closeness and without ostentation.

Implementation of Infrastructure projects Throughout all Ecuador.

Software Provider throughout all the globe.


World-class certifications

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